How to Use Google Chromes New QR Code Extension

Google Chrome have introduced a new QR Code extension, here's how to use it in 3 easy steps.

18 Feb 2021

By Sydney

Writen by Sydney

Google recently introduced a brand new feature to Chrome which allows users to generate QR codes for any website URL. This feature is available on the most recent Chrome 88 update from January 2021 which included the new feature and other tweaks, plus a revamped Chrome status quo such as a better Dark Theme.

Currently, this QR code feature can only be used on the desktop version of Chrome, unfortunately, the feature hasn’t been implemented on Chrome’s mobile version of the browser. However, the vast majority of mobiles have built-in scanners that users can use, making it a fair trade-off.

How to use the QR Code App

Google Chrome’s QR code app can be accessed in three simple steps:

Step 1

Open your Chrome web browser and head to the web page you’d like to generate a QR code for.

Step 2

Right-click on the page and click ‘Create QR code for this page’. (You can also click the QR icon on the address bar)

Step 3

Download the QR code that Chrome generates.

Sharing made Easy

Instead of sharing long URLs, you now have a simple QR code that you can create in one click and share on any document, whether it’s in a presentation, over email or on printed materials.

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