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The Zest is yet to come...

Zest Money Group are a team of expert mortgage brokers offering professional mortgage advice and insurance deals across Essex and Suffolk, whilst also working alongside renowned estate agencies in the area as in-house advisors for clients.

The team at Zest take a proactive approach to helping all of their clients find the best deal that will get them on the first rung of the property ladder. Their abundance of knowledge towards the process of purchasing a property helps them to alleviate the stresses and concerns that many of their clients may be faced with before contacting the team. This has enabled them to grow and gain a positive reputation in the area. Fuze has had the pleasure of working with Zest Money Group since its launch.


Capabilities involved

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Social Media
A laptop computer with a page from the ZEST mortgages website, designed & developed by FUZE Agency.
A mobile device with the ZEST mobile website displayed.
A graphic produced by FUZE for ZEST featuring a team member.
A ZEST mortgage advisor throwing a citrus fruit.
A ZEST mortgages billboard featuring a woman pulling a sour face.


FUZE is proud to work with Zest Money Group on an ongoing basis, supporting all of their marketing and social media needs. Once per quarter, we work with the team at Zest to establish and develop an end-to-end marketing strategy, with a 360 degree view on each platform, from innovation to solution. This is always an exciting one to get stuck into, with lots to explore for a brand full of such unique creative opportunities. The brand is also always willing to try new things with their marketing efforts, enabling them to support a growing number of people as they deal with the largest and most important investment in their life.

Locally, they have become well known for their innovative, cordial, and oftentimes punny marketing efforts across all social platforms. Helping give character and personality behind the brand, enhancing the friendly faces of all of the Zest team.


From one-of-a-kind, eye-catching branding, the FUZE team were able to create an abundance of corporate literature, as well as an interactive social media presence for the brand to ‘zestfully’ flourish. Our creative team of designers and marketing experts continue to work together to create successful campaigns to bring your brand to the next level so that we can get people talking for all the right reasons.


"FUZE's creativity and attention to detail truly set them apart, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you for your exceptional work and for making Zest stand out in the best possible way!"

Veran Tull - Account Director