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Real Italiano

"Win A Taste of Italy" Competition Campaign

Real Italiano is a renowned brand specialising in authentic Italian food products, bringing the taste and essence of Italy to the UK market. With a focus on quality and tradition, Real Italiano offers a range of products that capture the true flavours of Italy.

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Capabilities involved

  • Creative Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
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Campaign Overview: "Win A Taste of Italy"

We collaborated with Real Italiano to design and execute the "Win A Taste of Italy'' competition campaign. The campaign spanned over a six-week period and aimed to achieve three primary goals:

  • Increase the number of email subscribers.

  • Enhance the social media follower count across Facebook and Instagram.

  • Generate sales through the Real Italiano website.

The Results

The "Win A Taste of Italy" competition campaign yielded impressive results, exceeding the client's expectations:

Total Entries: The campaign attracted a total of 7368 entries, showcasing the strong interest of participants in the competition.

Email Subscribers: Real Italiano's subscriber list grew significantly with the addition of 3851 new email addresses, indicating the success of the data capture efforts.

Social Media Growth: The campaign successfully attracted 209 new followers across Facebook and Instagram, expanding Real Italiano's social media presence and engagement.

Sales Impact: The campaign directly contributed to a remarkable boost in sales, with total website sales during the six-week period exceeding £3,000. The enticing prizes, coupled with the campaign's focus on authentic Italian experiences, prompted consumers to make purchases through the Real Italiano website.

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