Protect & Lend Branding

New Leaf Distribution

Making mortgages simple

Protect and Lend are a team of immensely talented mortgage advisers making mortgages, simple, on the daily… just like their name. Supported by one of the best networks in the industry, New Leaf Distribution, which has over 20 years of experience in supporting firms like Protect and Lend.
Situated all over the UK and having access to the whole of the market, Protect and Lend thrive on giving Independent & impartial advice to help their clients meet their property & finance objectives.

Protect and Lend Branding - Logo image

Capabilities involved

  • Web Development
  • Creative Strategy
  • Web Design
Protect and Lend branding - banner image


Protect and Lend came to FUZE looking for someone to bring their vision to life. The creative team at FUZE were delighted to get on board and create a strong brand identity alongside a user-friendly and professional website.

The design team at FUZE decided to create a mascot for Protect and Lend to strengthen the brand identity and express the personality of the business. Through working closely with the Protect and Lend team we were able to project their vision into a reality and visually bring their business to life.

The Results

The creation of Protect and Lend’s branding and excellent communication with both teams, allowed us to also create, build and bring a fantastic website live! Whilst keeping user experience at the forefront of the project, ensuring the site was easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Protect and Lend website image