ipad screen showing pocket watch and petticoats website

Pocket Watch & Petticoats

Timeless Fashion In a digital era

Pocket Watch and Petticoats, a vintage-inspired fashion brand, operate physical stores in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds. Seeking to expand their reach to a global audience, they approached FUZE without an online presence. They were missing out on opportunities for email collection, upsells, and pre-order options. We worked closely with them to develop a comprehensive website and marketing strategies to tap into the digital global market, unlocking avenues for growth and expansion.

mobile screen showing pocket watch and petticoats website

Capabilities involved

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Meta Ads
Lifestyle photo of 4 models wearing vintage clothing


We addressed Pocket Watch and Petticoats' needs by creating a new website focused on enhancing user experience and promoting upsells. This involved adding complementary items on product pages to encourage purchases and introducing pre-order options to capitalise on customer interest. We also conducted a photoshoot to capture authentic imagery showcasing their product quality, strategically using these images on the website and in targeted social media campaigns. By integrating Google Analytics, we gained valuable insights into website traffic and user behaviour, informing future marketing strategies. Meta Ads campaigns and email marketing initiatives were launched to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to the online shop.


Our work resulted in a robust digital presence for Pocket Watch and Petticoats, transitioning from no online presence to a fully functional website. This facilitated access to a global audience, driving growth and expansion. Strategic marketing campaigns effectively increased website traffic, engaging the target demographic and enhancing online visibility. The new imagery contributed to an improved brand perception and heightened customer engagement, reinforcing the brand's position in the market.