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On your marks! Soapbox Rally

In the debut year of the Colchester Soapbox Rally, our branding campaign set the stage for an unforgettable event. As the first-ever Soapbox Rally, the branding was designed to capture the spirit of innovation, speed, and community engagement, and this summary will showcase the driving forces behind our achievement. We worked closely with the client to achieve a fun and prominent design that was used throughout the various assets relating to the event. 

Soapbox Rally map design

Capabilities involved

  • Branding
  • Design
  • application
Soapbox Rally Guide for entrants

Racing towards the finish

Alongside the brand guidelines we produce to help InColchester deliver the race-y look and feel they wanted, we also created poster assets that helped bring the brand to life using caricatures that really made the brand pop!

We also produced Race Day brochures that were distributed to 1000s of fans lining the street!


Creating projects like the Soapbox Rally don't come around all that often and so when we received the opportunity to create this exciting look we jumped at the chance. We delivered fun and eye-catching brand and campaign assets for InColchester's aim to help animate the city centre with community engaging events. The Rally saw 48 entrants and more than 6,000 people lined Colchester's High Street to see the karts speed off down the hill! Local businesses saw a benefit too with an increase in sales compared to the previous year.