5 Ways Google Ads are Using AI to Revolutionise Advertising

AI has been the hot topic on most people's lips over the last year and the landscape of advertising has and is undergoing remarkable transformations to harness this technology.  Among the pioneers in harnessing AI for advertising is Google, the search engine giant that dominates online advertising through its platform, Google Ads. Let's delve into how AI is revolutionising Google Ads and redefining the way businesses adapt their digital marketing strategy connect with their target audience.

21 Mar 2024

By Rhys

Writen by Rhys

Paid search, it’s about optimisation, performance is delivered through keyword refinement, bid management and iterative testing. To make a difference you need to be trading the media every day, looking for a competitive advantage.

Let us take a look at 5 ways Google is harnessing the power of AI to revolutionise paid ads: 

1. Automatically created assets

Google is launching new technology to create assets using AI and A/B test these different creatives to help determine what drives clicks and performance. There will be hundreds if not thousands of different assets created, which makes the whole process of paid search more efficient and less manual, hopefully getting better results.

2. Personalised Targeting

One of the most significant advantages of AI in Google Ads is its ability to deliver highly personalised advertisements. AI algorithms analyse vast amounts of data, including user behaviour, demographics, and interests, to create detailed customer profiles. These profiles enable advertisers to tailor their ads to specific audiences, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of their campaigns. Whether it's serving ads based on past search history or predicting future purchase intent, AI-powered targeting ensures that ads reach the right people at the right time.

3. Automated Bidding

AI-driven bidding strategies have revolutionized the way advertisers optimize their ad spend on Google Ads. By analyzing historical performance data and real-time signals, AI algorithms can adjust bidding strategies to achieve specific goals such as maximizing clicks, conversions, or return on ad spend (ROAS). Whether it's automated bidding based on target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or maximizing conversion value with Smart Bidding, AI ensures that advertisers get the most out of their advertising budget while minimizing manual effort.

4. Conversational experience in Google Ads

Within Google Ads, PPC practitioners can have a conversation with a chatbot to help them create better search campaigns. The chatbot can help generate keywords, copy, descriptions, images, everything a practitioner would be doing more manually will be helped along by AI. This will free up time for PPC specialists to focus on the best data to feed the machine to get the best results in their campaigns.

5. Fraud Detection

Ad fraud is a significant concern that can undermine the effectiveness of campaigns and waste advertising budgets. AI-powered fraud detection algorithms leverage machine learning techniques to identify and mitigate fraudulent activities such as click fraud and bot traffic. By analysing patterns and anomalies in user behaviour, AI can detect suspicious activity in real-time and take proactive measures to prevent ad fraud, ensuring that advertisers get the most value from their ad spend. The other side of the coin to this is a stronger verification process for users to create new ad accounts. As a manager of an account you will also find yourself having to verify your credentials when making decisions such as increasing budget.

AI has transformed Google Ads into a powerful platform that offers unprecedented targeting capabilities, dynamic ad creatives, automated bidding, enhanced ad placement, predictive analytics, and fraud detection. The Future of Paid Search will be driven by automation and a deeper understanding of customer journeys, but human expertise remains crucial in calibrating AI systems. Essentially, effective paid search requires a loop of insights, strategic activation and data refinement.

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