Custom Build vs WordPress Websites

If you’ve decided it’s time to take your business to the next level, you need an engaging website. It will increase your chance of prospective customers enquiring or purchasing — increasing leads and sales. However, one decision you will face is whether to create a unique, custom web design or use a pre-built template on a platform such as WordPress.

23 Jul 2021

By Sydney

Writen by Sydney

WordPress may seem like the easier option, but is this the best decision?

Custom websites

Custom website designs are developed by a team that can provide specific modifications that WordPress can’t provide. You will work with a web developer who will find out your businesses specific needs and will tailor the website design accordingly. You can have a bespoke CMS, CRM and e-commerce platform as well as dashboard applications.

The benefits of a custom-build website

There are numerous benefits to investing in a custom website, including:

  • Your website will have a unique design that isn't replicated anywhere else
  • The website functionalities will be built around the businesses needs working seamlessly
  • Your customised website can be easily adapted to grow alongside your company
  • The developer can optimise your website during the creation process, giving the website a foundation for search engine optimisation from the get-go
  • Your website will be optimised for all devices.

Although a custom website is a longer process and more expensive than a templated website, it’s an investment.

WordPress sites

The most common way to start a business is to set up with a WordPress site. They provide a broad range of templates that can be purchased for your website. What started as a blogging platform is now a full-featured content management system. People that have basic website knowledge can create a website without a developer or agency.

The benefits of a WordPress website

Key benefits of a WordPress site include:

  • This option is a cheaper option for those with low budgets
  • You will be able to develop your website quickly
  • You choose a theme/template and can switch between designs

Bear in mind: WordPress sites come with built-in features, so you are limited to the design of your website. This can also weigh down your website in terms of load speed and SEO. You may have to use features that are not in-line with your business or branding.

Despite WordPress being cheap and quick to set up, you are still limited to how personalised your website can be. It takes away the unique element of your business as many other companies could be using the same template.

In summary

Both routes have their own benefits and considerations. Deciding which type of website you need depends on the functionalities you require and the budget available. If you have a limited budget and time to develop a WordPress site, it’s a good option. However, if you are looking to take your business to the next level and want to develop a custom website that ensures growth, you should invest in a custom website.

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